Personalized Necklaces Featuring 2 New Engraving Fonts

Check out these new and revamped designs and leave a comment to have a chance to win one!

In an earlier post I talked about the addition of new engraving fonts this year, & that I would be adding or re-vamping some products. Here’s a run-down of 2 products now available.

I did a re-vamp of my Child’s Personalized Flower necklace. One of my best sellers, I felt it needed a face lift of sorts, & the new curlz text is a playful double line font which gives this piece the fresh new look I was hoping for.


Personalized with 1 initial & paired with your choice of Swarovski crystal birthstone color, the sterling silver chain comes in not just 14 inch child length but 16 & 18 inch as well. This piece could easily be enjoyed by a teen or young adult.

Also new is the addition of gold:


Sadly when I did my inventory counts back in January my supplier is not carrying the flower blanks anymore. Once I go through this wholesale lot, this design will be retired.

I’ve had this idea on paper for awhile now and I’m really happy with the finished product. It’s a keepsake necklace with your choice of charm, 1 or 2 initials, & type of curlz font (modern or vintage). I have butterfly, bunny, turtle & teddy bear in a culinary grade pewter charm. All are available in both silver & gold except for the bunny which is currently only available in silver. The necklace comes in a variety of sizes from child to adult thus can be enjoyed by all.

DPP_2548 DPP_2564 DPP_2556 DPP_2631

This collection is too cute for words & to welcome spring I have a giveaway for the month of March for the bunny option. Simply fill out this form to enter. I’m taking entrants until March 31st, 2014.

Here’s a quick run down of both the curlz fonts:


The curlz modern is brand new to me. The curlz vintage however, is a very old set that I obtained a few years ago, used. I don’t know what it is actually called, but since it is the same size and has a similar flow to the curlz font I just purchased, it only seemed natural to called it curlz vintage. :)

Don’t forget to enter the March giveaway of a personalized bunny necklace. And if you happen upon this post after the 31st, don’t despair. Simply leave a comment below of your favorite necklace, and I’ll draw for a random winner every time we hit 25 comments (from 25 unique visitors). That gives you a 1 in 25 chance of winning! Once we reach 25 comments & I draw a winner, I’ll announce it here and put a new comment so the fun can start all over again. :)



 Leilani Cleveland Deveau is a self-taught jewelry artist with over sixteen years of experience. 4 years ago she added the fiber arts (wool processing/dyeing/carding/spinning, knitting, crochet and felting) to her long list of creative interests. Leilani welcomes questions or comments from other crafters and handmade artists, as well as requests for custom, wholesale or consignment jewelry. Her home studio is located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. You can contact her by email:

4 comments on “Personalized Necklaces Featuring 2 New Engraving Fonts
  1. I sooo love the necklace you have featured in the newsletter, announcing the giveaway – so beautiful! Thanks for the chance, your pcs are gorgeous!

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