Personalized Ladybug Necklaces: Engraved, New & Revamped

This time of year, you can frequently find a ladybug or two in our house. I thought, what better time to (re)lauch my ladybug necklace: old & new design.

Custom Engraved Lady Bug Necklace Gold: Personalized with Initial -

Custom Engraved Lady Bug Necklace Gold: Personalized with Initial –

This is the original ladybug necklace (one of my best sellers), but with a fresh new look. I changed the chain to a gold-plated ball, and a new fresh font called “curlz modern”. The unfortunate thing is, my supplier is no longer carrying these pendants and I have had no luck finding them elsewhere. I have a limited quantity left, and once they are gone, this design will be retired.

Originally designed for kids, the necklace currently comes in 14 and 16 inch chain, but longer chain is on the way making this piece suitable not just for kids but for adults as well.

Personalized Lady Bug Necklace Silver -

Personalized Lady Bug Necklace Silver –

The new design features an enameled ladybug pendant. These are wonderfully colorful and already available in chain length from 14 inch to 20 inch. On silver plated ball chain, and the engraving on a 15mm silver plated brass disk.


Which design do you like best, the gold or the silver? I’d love to hear from you in the comments… :)

signatureLeilani Cleveland Deveau is a self-taught jewelry artist with over sixteen years of experience. 4 years ago she added the fiber arts (wool processing/dyeing/carding/spinning, knitting, crochet and felting) to her long list of creative interests. Leilani welcomes questions or comments from other crafters and handmade artists, as well as requests for custom, wholesale or consignment jewelry. Her home studio is located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. You can contact her by email:

One comment on “Personalized Ladybug Necklaces: Engraved, New & Revamped
  1. Lady bugs are a symbol for good luck. This necklace would give someone a lucky charm to wear everyday.
    Thank you for the monthly contests.

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