New Pewter Charms for the Animal/Nature Keepsake Necklace

I’ve added some more cute culinary grade pewter charms to this series (culinary grade = lead free!). I cannot help myself: the detail the manufacturer puts into these make them absolutely irresistible. The total to choose from currently is 10. Here’s a quick run down of the new offerings.

save the bees personalized necklace gift by leilani deveau

This bee charm would make a lovely gift for a eco-activist, bee keeper as well as someone who has an affinity to this necessary creature

dragonfly necklace engraved gift

dragonfly necklace comes in silver or gold

leaping frog necklace with engraving

leap frog, anyone?

horse necklace silver only

The horse charm is currently available in silver only but I will be stocking gold when it becomes available.

hummingbird necklace


ladybird necklace

It is indeed another ladybug necklace. Variety is the spice of life… 🙂

You can view these combinations as well as the original 4 on the website. I am carrying these in limited quantities to gauge their popularity before making them a permanent supply.




Jewelry--turned-fiber artist with a passion for keepsake gifts & spinning. Fiber work is my way of coping with daily stress and anxiety; whereas jewelry making is my way of releasing it. I enjoy honing my crafts while raising 3 little girls, and vow to use my talents to inspire the creativity within. A native Nova Scotian (valley chick); pinay (mestiza). I have been selling my wares on & off-line for over a decade, and donate my products for grass-roots charitable causes. I love barter!

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