Catnaps & Art Batts…

With the amount of time my cats spend either cuddling up to or attacking my sheep fleece, rovings & batts, I often wonder how they would react if I owned actual sheep… 🙂


This is her, annoyed-that-you-are-bothering-me-stop-taking-my-picture look (I seriously think this cat is a close relative to Oscar the Grouch ;)).



Jewelry--turned-fiber artist with a passion for keepsake gifts & spinning. Fiber work is my way of coping with daily stress and anxiety; whereas jewelry making is my way of releasing it. I enjoy honing my crafts while raising 3 little girls, and vow to use my talents to inspire the creativity within. A native Nova Scotian (valley chick); pinay (mestiza). I have been selling my wares on & off-line for over a decade, and donate my products for grass-roots charitable causes. I love barter!

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